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I’m a frequent traveller – but I’m also five foot two, fond of solo adventures and look glaringly foreign in whichever part of the world I travel in – so safety is something I always try and take seriously. I’ve had a trusty “nude” travel belt for years, which makes me feel more secure – if not comfortable. So while planning a solo trip to Colombia I was more than happy to try out an alternative.

Dovetail’s travel set arrived in the post looking much like a lingerie-stuffed jiffy bag; my boyfriend stood keenly by as I pulled formless straps, nylon and sheer mesh from the package – before the postcard tucked inside revealed what it was.

Photo: Dovetail
Photo: Dovetail

The “travel wing” sounds ultra sleek – it’s a pocket held in place in the middle of your back by what look like a series of bra straps. But the straps lack one vital element: adjustability. It fit me poorly, and I ended up not giving it a go. 

The travel band, however, was fantastic. It fit comfortably, and worked under skirts (without riding up), shorts (without a belt strap to dangle out the bottom) and – remarkably – skinny jeans. It’s genuinely been designed for women’s hips; I forgot I was wearing it. The “portfolio” (a soft, fabric wallet) is a neat idea for storing cards and notes, as well as my hostel locker key. Crucially, it can also be accessed if necessary. Many would argue that this defies the point of a concealed travel belt, but as a keen photographer, one of the things I’m most anxious about losing when I travel are my SD cards. I could tuck these into the belt, then walk to an internet café to back them up – removing the portfolio discretely once I was sat behind a computer, and tucking it all back in at the end. The black nylon is a nice touch – if it peeked above jeans, it didn’t scream “I’m a camouflaged moneybelt!” in quite the same way as my nude original would. It also doesn’t assume all travellers have the same skin tone.

The portfolio’s water resistant fabric is also welcome. It might detract slightly from Dovetail’s sexy, feminine image – but lower back + backpack + tropical climate does not make for a happy environment for important documents. Or SD cards.

Photo: Dovetail
Photo: Dovetail

Colombia turned out to be far, far safer and friendlier than my South London neighbourhood, and I thankfully never got to test if it stopped me from getting robbed. However, peace of mind is everything while on holiday – whether that’s being protected from pickpockets, muggers – or just my own absentmindedness. So ultimately, Dovetail did the trick, and knowing I had it on me as a precaution did keep my boyfriend back home happy in the end, too.

This was a guest post from my fellow travel writing colleague and pal, Vicki Brown, who writes her own lovely blog La Nomadita. 

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  1. Many thanks for the review of my travel products which I began producing six years ago. I’ve been, and still am, ‘on the road’ for thirty years as an independent traveler. I was also a dancer for many years and developing a simple, comfortable, effortless, movement friendly manner in which to safeguard my passport, bank cards and travel cash was always a challenge so I began this little adventure. I agree that getting the proportions right is a monumental challenge. Since the ‘travel wing’ is worn on the upper body, over/around the bra…I wanted to avoid any findings. In fact, strapping is usually dyed to match the lace/power net in lingerie so getting the match is difficult. I actually have several kilos of strapping and findings with me now but am still ‘hemming and hawing’ about adding the adjustable strapping to the ‘travel wing.’ Perhaps a partial section of strapping is in order? I do love the simple ‘travel band’ which can also be used as a ‘bandeau’, if the woman is relatively smallish but it does work quite well on the hips. I now have the ‘travel band’ in xs, s, m, l and plus sizes in the most swoon-able nude lace which I hand selected over several months…20 shades of beautiful nude! I’m improving the men’s options and adding a ‘travel wing’ for men using a very bold, soft, stretch neoprene strapping. In any event, thank you for your feedback as I go into the next small production. Also, after six years on my own with this, if you happen to know of a potential partner, please let me know. (Gasp!) ~ Alex

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