Content creation

Catherine Mack – content creator, senior copywriter and editor

I have been a senior copywriter and editor since 2014, creating content for the travel industry with a sustainable and eco angle. I am currently freelance writer at The Natural Adventure Company, and have recently completed a sustainable tourism guide for New York State tourist board, still awaiting publication.

I endeavour to make copy clear, easy and engaging. I enjoy writing in a style where the reader senses a personal approach, never feels patronised and where personality and humour is able to trickle through.

I have written B2C and B2B content, and have collaborated with designers, UX teams, PR and SEO experts to create expert digital content. In my most recent role as editor at Rail Europe, there was an increase in revenue generated by my blog of 600% in one year. Whether you want blogs, newsletters, landing pages or social media content, I am happy to wordsmith it.

You can get a quick introduction to some of work on this portfolio page and contact me for details of my freelance copywriter or content manager rates.

Slow travel company Byway organises travel and accommodation for travellers who are seeking flight-free holidays
Freelance content manager and senior copywriter for slow travel company throughout its launch and rapid growth periods. Writing blogs, landing pages, creation of content management board and plan.
As editor-in-chief, I grew and led the content team 2018-2020, planning, creating, editing and delivering digital content for UK, US and other international markets. Content growth was rapid and conversion rates were high. Seeing it grow from start-up to multinational was the biggest trip of all.

Responsible Travel is a portal representing over 400 sustainable travel companies. As senior copywriter, I researched and wrote over 300 responsible tourism guides, as well as activism articles, product landing pages and conducted an array of interviews for storytelling pieces.
9 Reasons To Be Green was commissioned by VisitEngland to seek out beacon sustainable tourism businesses in all its nine regions. The booklet was used as a B2B tool for encouraging other English tourism businesses to follow suit. Each of the featured businesses was a regional winner of the Enjoy England Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism.