Do you love treehouses?

RoostDo you love treehouses ? As someone who spends most of my time away with the birds, I do, and I have had the great pleasure in staying in a Chestnut cherub of a treehouse in Le Perche region of Normandy, which you can read about here. If you also love the idea of sleeping in a tree, please take the time to look at this very exciting new online concept –Roost. Still at its sapling stage, the founders hope to create a movement for those who build tree houses or build tourism outlets around them.  For those who not only love to hug trees but also hug in one. The creators would like to know what you think and to see if we can make this idea grow to form a real community in the canopies. So get in touch with them and do please spread the word. Get in contact via their website or on Twitter @roostinatree.  I, for one, am raring to Roost.

For more details see Roost

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