Youth Hostel Association (YHA) UK summer camps

I have stayed in a wonderful array of youth hostels on my own, with friends and then, as time went on, with my children.  But the time came a couple of years ago for me to start thinking about letting them go it alone and considering a UK summer camps. Whether I like it or not, they are getting older, and although I hope they will always holiday with the ‘old ma’, they do relish any opportunity to spread their wings just a little.

Coasteering, canoeing and castles

I am a self-confessed weakling when it comes to cutting loose, but with the YHA having seen me through many a break with my children as toddlers, and a few billion others as young adults, it must surely be the perfect weaning mechanism. “Sick!” my son said in unison when I showed them the activity summer camps on offer, and I am now officially old enough to know that this is a positive reaction. They can do everything from canoeing to costume making, raft building to song writing, from £379 for five nights all inclusive. Which is, in fact, well sick.

YHA summer camps in UK
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Six day summer camps please

My son has been two years in a row now, each time going with a good friend for company, but also because it meant that I was able to share the lifts there and back with the other parents. My only criticism is that I wish the YHA summer camps did a full week. We have to pick them up very early on a Friday morning at the end of the camp, which means I had to lose a day’s work, and also travel there before dawn to pick him up. I think most parents would pay a bit more if the YHA could cover a whole Monday to Friday work week. But the most important thing is that my son had a ball. Hear more, straight out of the mouths of babes.

My son sharing some thoughts on a YHA summer camp in Wales

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  1. Ethical traveling needs to be promoted from very start so that when the kids grow up, they keep up the good practices. Keep up the good work.

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